Youth of the Year

The Lions Youth of the Year Program is designed to foster, encourage, and develop leadership qualities of our youth, in conjunction with other citizenship qualities, at the age when they are about to enter the fields of higher education, or employment.

Many now high profile Australians are among the ranks of former entrants. These include our past Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, past Premier of Qld Peter Beattie, ABC’s Sabra Lane and Qld Senator Simon Birmingham.

Participants have an unequalled opportunity to refine interview skills, in a relaxed & friendly atmosphere. Also practise and refine their public speaking skills and network with likeminded students from other campuses.

The qualities sought, apart from leadership qualities, are those of academic achievements, personality, sportsmanship, public speaking, and good citizenship.

Judging Youth of the Year

The club finals are held where each student is interviewed by a panel of independent Judges.  This experience is always a little daunting at first, but invariably the participants come away from this with refreshing and enjoyable feelings.

The interviews are followed with each student being given two impromptu questions to answer and delivering a five-minute prepared speech.

There are awards for the Public Speaking and the Overall winner.

Subsequent finals, (zone, regional, district state) are held for the overall winner to progress to the National final.

Camp Hill Carindale Lions Club 2021 YOTY Final

This year’s club final was able to be held within the Covid-19 restrictions. There were a reduced number of participants with the disruption to the 2020 school year.

Participants were:

  • Sara Al Rekaby – Whites Hill State College
  • Ethan Fegan – Whites Hill State College
  •  Kinjal Dani – Brisbane State High School
  • Ben Wood – Anglican Church Grammar School

The winner of our Public speaking Award and the Overall Club final was Kindjal Dani, who subsequently was the winner of the Regional final and proceeded to the District final.