Lions promotes Health and Wellbeing for its members and the Community

Many Lions Clubs meet twice per month with one meeting devoted to a Board or business meeting to develop, clarify and enact the strategies of the Club, whilst the second meeting is a dinner meeting with the focus on fellowship and a quality guest speaker.

The Lions Club of Camp Hill Carindale was fortunate to recently have a very informative presentation from Dr Lavinia Codd of the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI), a University of Queensland research institute with 450 research staff.

Lavinia is a truly inspirational woman who after a very successful career as an accountant with firms in Australia and London, took time out to raise her family and explore a career change by studying science. Mid-way through her science studies, aged 31, Lavinia suffered a stroke. 

She highlighted to our Lions members and guests the FAST acronym which is used to rapidly check for common signs of stroke:

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